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NineStars provide archive quality digitization using high end book scanners from India. We ensure offset quality with low file size which helps in easy storage, retrival, access over network & Web. We use real time thresholding which helps remove variable background, use high end software for raster editing which ensure no data loss and change in file size. We follow high levels of Quality Check which ensures error free delivery, our experienced service engineers helps provides optimum effeciency and quality of output.

By simply refusing to follow the status quo, we have evolved from humble beginning as a service provider to the global player that we are today. At Ninestars, we strongly believe in the principle of “transform oneself before you transform others.” The fruits of our labour is the digitization of a billion pages, some as old as 1666, thus contributing significantly to preservation of history through digitization efforts of four leading global libraries. The fact that we are the only organization to offer a ROI-based digitization solution, has given us a definite competitive edge over our competitors. 

Our innovative products and services help us visualize, seize and lead the market. We don’t follow the market trends but create them! With over 18 years in the industry, Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been instrumental in revolutionizing the media industry with innovative projects in newspaper archive digitization and contributing to the digital transformation journey of more than 150 organizations worldwide.

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